"Alleluia" has been named an Honor Award winner in the 10th Annual Great American Song Contest. Over 1500 songwriters from forty countries around the world entered the 2008 event. In addition to top winners in each category, the judges selected approximately 100 Finalists. ” - staff, greatamericansong.com

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It's been reported from good sources that Debbie Rice made a giant hit today at our Brazosport Wednesday Review Club. Debbie made a songwriter's presentation on how she writes songs and music. And then she moved right into her fascinating keyboard performance. We're expecting many great things from Debbie Rice. Glenn Nelson McBride - Texas Songwriters posted by Glenn Nelson McBride | 7:27 PM 2 Comments: Anonymous said... Debbie has been blessed with a talent. The Lord gives her the inspiration. Its really neat to see what she's able to do and what will come next. She's got some stuff out there where you can download her music if you would like to listen. http://www.indieheaven.com/artists/debbielrice Friday, January 20, 2006 Anonymous said... Debbies music draws you into a place that many people need to be drawn to. It is as if God is sending a message through her music to all of those that haven't listened before to HIS words, that haven't felt the wonderful feeling HE can give you if you if you just believe. Her music reaches deep down into your heart and soul, then raises you up to a high that is the best high a person could ever have !!! Friday, January 20, 2006” - Glenn Nelson McBride

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