1. BreakOut

From the recording BreakOut

This song was written as the theme song for our 3rd -6th grade Wednesday night Children's ministry program, called BreakOut.  The four shout-outs at the end of the song reflect the four grade levels and their workbooks. Performed every Wednesday night by the group, it includes hand motions and dance movements that energize the kids and helps get them ready to learn about the Lord! 


Lyrics by Raymond Wells
Music by Debbie Rice (BMI)
Are you locked in a room, without a key?
Are you scared of an end, you cannot see?
Is the voice that keeps whispering it’s OK,
Really trying to betray you?
Are you looking for hope, where none exists?
Do you face desires, that you can’t resist?
Do you hear a constant knocking at your heart’s door
That you can’t ignore any longer?
 Break out of your bondage!
Break out of your chains!
Break into the knowledge
Of a love that will change
Your life forever
Forever and ever.
(1st time through, repeat whole song)
(2nd time through, repeat Chorus twice)
Break In!!
Break Through!!
Break Away!!
Break Out!!