1. Psalms 94:12

From the recording Psalms 94:12

Also available in an instrumental only version. 


Psalms 94:12
Lyrics by: Raymond Wells
Music by: Debbie L. Rice (BMI)
(Verse 1)
Blessed is the man you train, oh God;
 The woman you instruct is blessed,
 Providing them a circle of peace, oh Lord                      
 Protected by your righteousness.      (x2)
(Verse 2)
Surrounded by your power
 Enveloped by your grace.
 Draw me closer, closer, closer, Lord,
 That I may find such a place!  (x2)
Teach me your ways, oh God
 Lead me down the path you choose
 Make me desperate for the water, Lord
 That can only be found in you.
(1st time thru repeat all)
(2nd time thru repeat verse 1 & verse 2 two times)