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Debbie L. Rice: Music

I Want to Know You Lord

(Performed by Pamela Bieri)
Music & Lyrics by Debbie L. Rice (BMI)

I Want To Know You Lord

©Debbie L. Rice (BMI)


I want to know you Lord,

I want to show you Lord,

How I need You.


I want to see Your face,

I want to feel Your Grace,

How I love You!


I need to feel your touch,

I need to know how much

More You love me.


I need to know You’re there,

Not going anywhere,

Please surround me now!     (repeat)



My child, I love you

I’m always there.

My peace I’ll give you,

Your burdens I’ll share.


I’ll never leave you,

I died to set you free.

You are my chosen,

Put your faith in me.        (repeat verse)