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Debbie L. Rice: Music

They Chose Me

(Performed by Melinda Bedrich)
Music & Lyrics by Debbie L. Rice (BMI)

This song came about because of an interview Christian singer Mark Shultz did on my local Christian radio station, KSBJ, about adoption. My guitarist, Tommy Meador, heard the interview and was so impressed with Mark’s passion that he called me and told me to write a song about it. Tommy knew that I was the mother of an adopted daughter, and that my own father was adopted, so I have a heart for the subject as well. I asked God for inspiration, and the song was born. I know that I’m not supposed to keep this song. It was meant to be ‘adopted’ by someone else to perform. I may be the birth mother, but this baby of mine is going to belong to someone who can do more with it than I can. Since it’s birth, churches and adoption agencies around the world have asked for copies of this song. Several families have played the song and video at their church to announce their adoption of a new son or daughter. I can’t wait to see what else God has planned for this special child of His!


They Chose Me

©Debbie L. Rice (BMI)


Scared and all alone

In the orphan home

No mom or dad

To sing them lullabies’


Waiting night and day

Just to hear them say

“Too young”, “Too old”

“Not right”, “We’re just not sure”


They sing themselves to sleep

They know no other way

No family to teach

Them how to pray


They long to feel the love

A family can give

Their empty eyes reflect

The life they live



Why can’t we see?

Why can’t we hear?

The empty lives

Just waiting to be filled


Why can’t we be

His hands and feet

Why can’t we change the world

For just one tiny life.

Why can’t it be:

“They chose me”.



That’s how it is with Jesus

He chose you as His own

He saw your situation

He knew you had no hope

He never would forsake you

He knew just what to do…..

He chose you.



Why can’t we be

His hands and feet

Why can’t we change the world

Just one life at a time

We’re all the same

All in His name

A family adopted by the Son

Why can’t we see…

Why can’t it be…  “They chose Me”